It’s reported now that the flu this winter has already widespread and even reaching to epidemic proportions in 37 States of the US!  If you or your family members are among the victims, I am so sorry! 

I’m not a clinician nor a nutritionist, but as a cancer survivor I’ve been fascinated over the years with how greatly our state of health is affected by what we eat. And I can testify that eating REAL FOOD has made a significant difference in my health and wellness. I’ll be writing a lot more about these issues, but for now, let’s take a look at some basic practices necessary for maintaining a healthy body. 

Because good health is an important part of your enjoying a sense of overall shalom and wholeness. When you don’t feel good, you just can’t be at your best in all the other areas of your life. Basic healthy practices help you enjoy good physical vitality and to maintain a strong immune system. It is especially important to maintain good health during the winter and at other seasonal changes, when flus and viruses are on the rampage all around you.

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