The Histoire Naturelle, générale et particulière, avec la description du Cabinet du Roi (1749–1804) is an encyclopaedic collection of 36 large (quarto) volumes written over much of his working life by the Comte de Buffon , and continued in eight more volumes after his death by his colleagues, led by Bernard Germain de Lacépède . The books cover what was known of the "natural sciences" at the time, including what would now be called material science , physics , chemistry and technology as well as the natural history of animals.

The Histoire Naturelle , which was meant to address the whole of natural history, actually covers only minerals , birds , and the quadrupeds among animals. It is accompanied by some discourses and a theory of the earth by way of introduction, and by supplements including an elegantly written account of the epochs of nature.

The Suppléments cover a wide range of topics; for example, in (Suppléments IV), there is a Discours sur le style (Discourse on Style) and an Essai d'arithmétique morale (essay on Moral Arithmetic).

Histoire De La Vie Et Des Ouvrages De M. De La Fontaine.

Histoire De La Vie, Des Ouvrages Et Des Doctrines De.

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