The Weeping Woods has been all but destroyed by the fire of dragons. But still Maude and the children, who miraculously escaped from the dragon army that blocked them from the king’s men, agree to venture inside and attempt yet another hiding place, this one without their beloved Arthur, who disappeared in the battle with the dragons. It has become quite hopeless, this hiding, but still they try. It is what the people of Fairendale do.

Meanwhile, Prince Virgil’s heart becomes a battleground for light and dark, the dragons of Morad consider what it might mean to seek vengeance for an agreement that was violated, and the people of Fairendale, those who remain, are spurred by the burning of the woods to make a drastic move of their own—will they fight cruelty with cruelty, or will they exercise mercy on the very one who stole their children from their homes?

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The Dragons of Morad (Fairendale): L.R. Patton.

The Dragons Of Morad Fairendale Volume 4 PDF Download

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