Written by Robert Silverberg in his most creative phase, Shadrach in the Furnace is a novel that describes an unpleasant world: tyranny and degradation dominate the uncertain lives of men, threatened by a terrible genetic disease.

After a long series of political upheavals — started with the eruption of the volcano Cotopaxi — and the terrible War of the Virus, the political world has changed: the power is held by a Mongol dictator, who took over the high-sounding name of Genghis II Mao IV Khan, and governs from the capital Ulan Bator.
The human genetic code is corrupted, and everyone lives under the threat of the Organic Decay , a disease that can erupt at any time and leads inevitably to death.
The antidote Roncevic guarantees, if taken regularly, to maintain dormant the latent time bomb nestled in the genetic code, but stocks are scarce and only a few can access it.

Born in the ghetto of Philadelphia, Shadrach Mordecai sailed through the saddest period of human history and managed to enter the political elite of the planet. Now he’s the personal physician of the dictator of the world, the President Genghis II Mao IV Khan, and has access to the medicines that prevent the outbreak of the organic decay.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego Bible Lesson Plan

Daniel 3 NIV - The Image of Gold and the Blazing - Bible.

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