The Datsun GO is the new budget hatchback from the Nissan stable. The brand was revived after a period of 30 years and will be used to sell budget cars in various developing markets. Each of these markets will get a model suited to their specific needs and for the hatchback-crazy Indian market Datsun has brought GO and will eventually also launch the GO+ MPV.

The Datsun GO hatchback in the front gets a hexagonal grille with chrome inserts and headlights that flow from the front of the hood to the middle. The grille and bumper in combination with the lines of the hood work to give the car a muscular appearance despite its small size. The side profile is reminiscent of the Nissan Micra as the GO is based on the former. A speciality is that Datsun has fitted the windows with black cladding and this matches the black colour OVRMs.

At the back the GO gets a vertically stacked light design, openable boot lid but looks clean due to minimal badging. Datsun has also fitted the black cladding at the back in a bid to keep the appearance even throughout the vehicle. In terms of measurements, the GO is 3.7 meters long (2.4 meters wheelbase), 1.6 meters wide and 1.4 meters high.

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