Volume One Includes: Marigold and the Feather of Hope, Dragonfly and the Web of Dreams, Thistle and the Shell of Laughter, Firefly and the Quest of the Black Squirrel, Spiderwort and the Princess of Haiku, Periwinkle and the Cave of Courage, Cinnabar and the Island of Shadows, Mimosa and the River of Wisdom, Primrose and the Magic Snowglobe, Luna and the Well of Secrets, Dewberry and the Lost Chest of Paragon, Moonflower and the Pearl of Paramour, Snapdragon and the Odyssey of Èlan, Harlequin and the Pebble of Spree, Dove and the Parchment of Dulcet, and Cricket and the Enchanted Music Box.    Ages 7+   Hardcover and Paperback

Volume Three Includes: Bumblebee and the Maze of Regret, Fern and the Candle of Friendship, Cherry and the Adventures of Pwensfourth-Greeves Mistooken, Ambrosia and the Elemental Fairies; Jasmine, the Journal, and Magnolia's Sacrifice; Raven and the Children of the Rainbow, Pennyroyal and the Last Rhinoceros, Lilac and the Secret of Obsidian, Sparrow and Edelweiss's Ghost;Quince, Amethyst, and the Forever Journey; Dandelion and the Box of Illusion, Hollyhock and the Christmas of the Swans, Eglantine and the Laughing Owl, and The Glass Fairy.    Ages 7+   Hardcover and Paperback

Volume Four Includes: Berylline and the Tree of Joy, Meadowsweet and the Magic Fountain, Jewels and Superheroes, The Adventures of Red Zipper, Laurel and the Inn of the Whispers, Apple and the Legend of the Western Star; Tea, Sterling, and the Heart of Fire; Scarlet, Willow, and the Two-Foot Witch; Obsidian and the Last Brownie Prince, Helenium and the Really Very Confused House, Azure and the Butterfly Fairy Convention, Snowdrop and Four o'Clock Meet the White Elephant and the Dancing Rabbit, Aurora and the Lights of Marfa, and Journey's End.    Ages 7+   Hardcover and Paperback

Dewberry and the Lost Chest of Paragon : Sweet, J. H.

Dewberry and the Lost Chest of Paragon by J.H. Sweet

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