Allow no dishonor to come to your family name by word, deed or thought. Strike swiftly and with furious vengeance against any enemy or slight that would undermine the honor of your name. If slighted in falsehood, reveal truth where it does not exist and break down the barriers that prevent you from doing so with a soft, even hand. Only through these actions will the heavens allow you entry.

Obscure and make your focus unclear if it will save the lives of those you protect. To speak lies veiled as truths should only be done in the name of deceiving ones enemy, when the stakes are of life and death. Find and exploit weaknesses where they exist in all things.

To contemplate life is to know its inherent unfairness, the duty and honor of the Perterian is to fight and die in the stead of those lost in the storm. Do not shy away from this responsibility, it is an honor to balance the scales.

Thorns of Truth; Blood Bonds (English Edition) eBook.

Thorns of Truth; Blood Bonds: 3 Vivienne M Maxwell.

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