The Marines Malevolent is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter that was founded sometime in the 32 nd Millennium and is of unknown genetic origin. While loyal to the Emperor of Mankind and deeply dedicated to the eradication of all of the Imperium's enemies, the Marines Malevolent have at times shown a disturbing and callous disregard for the lives of the civilians of the Imperium as long as their mission objectives are obtained, which has brought them into conflict with the Salamanders Chapter of Space Marines and many other Imperial organisations, including the Inquisition .

The Marines Malevolent is a Space Marine Chapter whose name has long been a byword for carnage and devastation. Despite its zeal for prosecuting wars against the enemies of the Imperium of Man and the Emperor, allegations of excessive use of force against civilian populations have long been leveled against its Battle-Brothers even by other Astartes Chapters, as have accusations of collateral damage against fellow Imperial forces. This Chapter's reputation for aggressiveness and general disregard for innocent life has brought it into conflict with fellow Astartes Chapters as well as calls for Inquisitorial censure and investigation.

The Marines Malevolent take a flippant view in regards to collateral damage and the use of excessive force. If innocent civilians or other Imperial forces happen to die due to their brutal tactics, then so much the better. This Chapter believes there is no such thing as "innocence", simply varying degrees of guilt, and that people who will not fight to defend themselves have no right to live as their freedom was purchased with others' blood. The Malevolents will also go so far, as to salvage equipment, weapons, ammo and other resources from other fallen Space Marines, if they will find any.

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