Lucia Jordan is proud to release a new outstanding collection; Four Series Collection Volume 5 containing four of her Bestselling Series.

Possessing Me:
When Taylor Heaton, a supermarket assistant, went to her first day of work, she wasn’t expecting any surprises, just a paycheck. But a messy accident with a mysterious customer leaves her reeling. He neither acknowledges her, nor her flustered apology, and instead surveys her like an object for sale. She is affronted, but before her senses recover to form a scathing retort, he disappears. The next morning he returns to offend her again, urging her to follow him around like a personal assistant. But Taylor is oblivious to the fact that Michael White is testing her boundaries, unabashedly judging her submissive aptitude for his dominant needs.

Trusting His Heart:
Becky is still devastated over the loss of her husband and best friend, Edward. A year has passed and it becomes essential for her to find a job that will allow her to support her and their young daughter, Tessa. When she lands a job for one of the most prestigious magazines in town, Becky rejoices in her extremely good fortune and strives to embrace her new life as a single parent. But a surprising blast from her past appears, throwing things out of focus, and shedding some much needed light on many details that until now had completely escaped her notice. But can Becky handle the angles and turns that come with life through a lens.

Lucia Jordan s Four Series Collection: Stripped.

Lucia Jordan s Four Series Collection: All of You.

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