I died out in The Grottos, with all the level "??" characters, and then died (I do not recall how I died), and it gave me a message that said "killed by the architects". Must be the replacement for the "Guardians" in Halo. I know the "Guardians" still hasn't even turned up to mean anything in the lore, but could the "Architects" be something that could be revealed to be relevant in the game? Possibly the creators of the Traveler, I assume by the name?

Hmm, I got the sameĀ  "killed by the architects" notice when I jumped off a cliff in the The Moth Yards. When I tried doing the same thing again, the notice said "misadvenue" or whatever it usually says after you jump off a cliff. This is probably an accident, but maybe we've found something special. I hope it's the second one.

got the "killed by the architects" death note aswell, seems to be bungies replacement for the Guardians in the Halo series, considering we are the Guardians now

Architects of Destiny

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