William McIlvanney is also an acclaimed poet, and is the author of The Longships in Harbour: Poems  (1970) and Surviving the Shipwreck (1991), which also contains pieces of journalism, including an essay about T. S. Eliot. His short story 'Dreaming' (published in Walking Wounded in 1989) was filmed by BBC Scotland in 1990 and won a BAFTA. His brother is the sports journalist Hugh McIlvanney.

William McIlvanney is one of the prodigiously talented McIlvanney brothers who, along with his journalist sibling Hugh, have played a significant part in Scottish cultural life for more than 30 years.

The opening of Laidlaw provides us with an opportunity to read several salient aspects of McIlvanney’s writing.  It begins:

Aberrant Literature Short Fiction Collection Volume 3.

Short Satire – Aberrant Literature

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