Issue(s): Marvel Team-Up #103
Cover Date: Mar 81
Title: "The Assassin Academy"
David Michelinie - Writer
David Bingham - Penciler
Mike Esposito - Inker

A former cellmate of Scott Lang shows up at his house. He's perfectly friendly, but assumes Scott is still crooked and invites him to join him on a new scheme, which is working at the Taskmaster's academy. Scott's former criminal life and his contacts are interesting, and should have been explored more. Anyway, Scott's friend is killed for having left the academy without permission and Scott decides to investigate.

Meanwhile, JJ sends Peter to investigate an area of Manhattan where the crime rate has mysteriously dropped. Working at the Daily Bugle is an easy way to get Spider-Man involved in plots, but it doesn't really make sense for an editor to send a photographer to investigate a no-crime zone. What's he going to do, take pictures of all the hub caps on the cars?

GCD :: Issue :: Marvel Team-Up 49

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