HMS Epervier was an 18-gun Cruizer -class brig-sloop of the Royal Navy built by Ross at Rochester , England , and launched on 2 December 1812. USS  Peacock captured her in 1814 and took her into service. USS Epervier disappeared in 1815 while carrying dispatches reporting the signing of a treaty with the Dey of Algiers .

Epervier was commissioned in January 1813 under Commander Richard Walter Wales. [1] On 20 August 1813, Epervier captured the schooner Lively , which was sailing from St. Thomas to Halifax . [2] Then one month later, on 20 September, she captured Active . [2] Under her master, E. Altberg, Active , of 390 tons (bm), was sailing from Gottenburg to Boston with a cargo of iron. [3] Three days later, Epervier , Majestic and Wasp captured Resolution . [4]

On 5 October Epervier and Fantome captured the American privateer, Portsmouth Packet . [5] She had previously been Liverpool Packet , a noted Nova Scotian privateer, and returned to successful privateering under the Liverpool Packet name after the British recaptured her. At the time of her capture, Portsmouth Packet was armed with five guns, carried a crew of 45, and had sailed from Portsmouth the previous day. Almost a month later, on 3 November, Epervier and Fantome captured Peggy of 91 tons (bm), W. O. Fuller, master, which was sailing from George's River to Boston with a cargo of timber and wood. [6]

Les 7 Vies de l épervier - 2ème époque - Tome 2 - L Oiseau.

Les 7 Vies de l Épervier, Tome 2: Le temps des chiens by.

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