Tempore regis Henrici Secundi compositus, justiciæ gubernacula tenente illustri viro Ranulpho de Glanvilla, Juris Regni et antiquarum Consuetudinum eo tempore peritissimo. Et illas solum leges continet et consuetudines secundum quas placitatur in Curiâ regis, ad Scaccarium, et coram justiciis ubicunque fuerint. Cum MSS. Harl. Cott. Bodl. et Mill. collatus.

The title translates as: Treatise on the laws and customs of the Kingdom of England, composed in the time of King Henry II, while the illustrious man Ranulph de Glanvill, who at the time was the most experienced in the law and the ancient customs of the kingdom, held the position of chief justiciar. And it contains only those laws and customs according to which pleas are made in the court of the king, at the court of the exchequer, and before justices wherever they may be. Collated from the Harleian , Cottonian , Bodleian , and Milles manuscripts.

Commonly attributed to Ranulf de Glanvill (died 1190) and dated c. 1188, the work is the earliest treatise on English law . It was revolutionary in its systematic codification that defined legal process and introduced writs , innovations that have survived to the present day. It is considered a book of authority in English common law .

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