Loose Cannon Productions was a British amateur video production company known for its many reconstructions of missing episodes of Doctor Who .

Loose Cannon used 16mm telerecordings , telesnaps and audio recordings, supplemented with new visual elements, including CGI animation. It created original interviews with Doctor Who cast and crew to supplement the videotapes and for Marco Polo , a new introductory sequence with Mark Eden reprising his role as the title character . It some cases, in the absence of actual footage or other photos, as with their reconstruction of Mission to the Unknown , their duties involved virtually recreating the story from scratch.

Loose Cannon was founded by Rick Brindell in December 1997. He first created a reconstruction of The Macra Terror . Other members include Dean Rose and Russ Port. Loose Cannon member Derek Handley now assists the BBC DVD releases. Stuart Palmer provided CGI and photo composites for several releases.

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