While most of our customers are successful when using WEST SYSTEM Epoxy to repair damaged fiberglass, we have become familiar with some common mistakes that are easily preventable. These mistakes are made by both professionals and amateurs. The information discussed in this article is available in our Fiberglass Boat Repair Manual and WEST SYSTEM User Manual , and on the WEST SYSTEM website .

This diagram illustrates how we recommend laminating a repair after the damaged fiberglass has been removed. It is critical that the scarf angle be at a minimum ratio of 12:1 and that the patch thickness matches the original laminate. Matching the original thickness ensures that the stiffness will be the same as the surrounding area, reducing the chance of a crack around the repair area.

Finding the root cause of the damage can ensure that your repair holds up well for years. Stress cracks can help us understand what caused the damage. They may indicate whether something inside the boat has broken loose and caused the damage or if it was caused by something hitting the boat from the outside. The cracks can also point to a structural defect that must be corrected.

The Fiberglass Manual A Practical Guide To The Use Of.

The Fiberglass Manual: A Practical Guide to the use of.

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