Long before Sydney Bristow swiped her first Rambaldi artifact, another group of girls was saving the world from villains armed with ancient curios capable of unleashing mass destruction. Those girls were Abbey Chase and Sydney Savage the stars of Andy Hartnell and J. Scott Campbell’s series, “Danger Girl.” Beginning in November, Hartnell and new artist Nick Bradshaw take the girls on another mission with “Danger Girl: Back in Black,” a four issue mini-series from Wildstorm comics. CBR News spoke with Hartnell and Bradshaw about the series, which is a cocktail of the “Indiana Jones” films, “James Bond” films and spiked with a strong tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.

“Danger Girl: Back in Black” picks up after the girls’ adventure in Gotham City with the Dark Knight in “Danger Girl/Batman.” “When ‘Back in Black’ begins, Abbey’s back home (a place until now unseen in the DG series), and going on with what she likes to think as her normal life,” Hartnell told CBR News. “But, as you would imagine from a super-spy action/adventure book, that ‘normal life’ doesn’t last as long as she’d like it to.

“The girls go undercover, joining a notorious motorcycle gang in order to retrieve a Native American artifact that’s been stolen,” Hartnell continued. “But it’s not the artifact that’s feared, it’s something much more– ahem– dangerous . It’s something that the girls won’t discover until they’re much too deep into the mission, until they’re past the point of no return. And it’s also about looking cool in leather and carrying a big gun.”

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Danger Girl: Back in Black: Andy Hartnell, Nick Bradshaw.

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