Latterly County produced the 974 which was based on the Ford 7610, the 1164, 1174 and 1184 which was launched in 1979. The 1184 was built around a TW10 at 120bhp from the Ford 401S engine and had a weight distribution of 3.5 tonnes on the front axle and 2 tonnes on the rear axle. The 1454 weighed 7 tonnes and produced 145bhp from the turbocharged version of the engine fitted to the 1184. In 1978 the 1454 was superseeded by the 1474 (based on the Ford 9700) which was given a longer wheelbase and 149bhp, before been uprated to 153bhp when the base unit was changed to the TW20.

The final model to be introduced by County was the 1884. The Ford 401S engine was turbocharged and intercooled to develop 188bhp. This tractor was a giant of the field and was used by the largest arable farms. Weighing in at 8 tonnes and costing nearly £30,000 in 1980 it was a huge machine, but only about 20 were ever built before County tractors ran into financial trouble.

On the down side, the tractors had a large turning circle and weak power steering. Added to this spare parts have become hard to find as the company is now out of business. One specialist parts provider is Jas P Wilson of Scotland.

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