Upon the occasion of his tenth birthday, a boy learns he is descended from a line of genies in this early middle grade series. Unlike his popular twin sister, Quinn, Zack doesn’t have a lot of friends. But he is close to his uncle Max. On the day of his tenth birthday, Zack gets a tingle in his toe that won’t go away. Uncle Max barely has time to tell Zack of his genie heritage before Zack is whisked through a bottle portal and sent on his first genie assignment. But he doesn’t have a clue as to what he is supposed to do or what his genie powers might entail. Can Zack figure out his genie assignment and get back home? And what roles will Quinn and Uncle Max play in the genie world?

Zack Cooley is a genie. Yes, you read that right: He is a genie. He found out on his tenth birthday, and life hasn't been the same since. Life has been AMAZING! It doesn't matter if Zack's… More »

Upon the occasion of his tenth birthday, Zack learns from his uncle that Zack is descended from a line of genies. Before his uncle has time to fully explain the genie world, Zack is whisked… More »

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