Patrimony: A True Story is a memoir by American writer Philip Roth . It was first published by Simon & Schuster in 1991.

Roth's memoir recounts the life, decline, and death of his father, Herman Roth, from an inoperable (and originally "benign") [1] brain tumor .

"In keeping with the unseemliness of my profession," as Roth puts it in a late chapter, the author wrote his memoir during his father's medical trials. The tone, he later explained, was not meant to be one of anger. "It was more anxiety and bewilderment. This was all new to me, all new to him, and I felt powerless to find a way to help him. We went through this experience together." [2]

Patrimony: A True Story by Philip Roth

Patrimony: A True Story: Philip Roth: 9780679752936.

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