The 2015 Torneo Descentralizado de Fútbol Profesional (known as the 2015 Copa Movistar for sponsorship reasons) is the 99th season of the highest division of Peruvian football . A total of 17 teams have been confirmed to compete in the season after Alianza Atlético were reinstated in the first division following their relegation in 2011 . [1]

The competition will be played with 17 teams after the restitution of Alianza Atlético 's place in the first division. The championship will be divided into several stages.

Should one team win two of the three tournaments, they will automatically advance to the finals of the playoff phase and the semi-finals will be played by the team that won the remaining tournament and the best placed team on the aggregate table. Should one team win all three tournaments they will automatically become season champions. The aggregate table will also determine the three teams to be relegated at the end of the season.

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