In February 1996, the Pocket Monsters Red & Green video games were released in Japan. They introduced the concept of collecting, trading and battling with Pocket Monsters. Thousands of people lined up in Japan to buy the games, which instantly sold out. These games eventually sold more than 10 million copies in Japan. Pokémon Blue was released in the summer of 1996 and that game was mail-order only. The games appear to be simple children’s games, but they are actually very deep Role-Playing Games (RPG’s). The games feature a ton of strategy and a dynamic storyline.

Eight months later, thanks to the success of the Game Boy games, the Pocket Monsters Trading Card Game (TCG) was released. The Pocket Monsters TCG turned into a craze in Japan. TCGs were still a relatively new phenomenon in the world. Magic the Gathering debuted in 1993 and was easily the most popular TCG at the time. Magic the Gathering had a pretty strong teenager/young adult following. But common folk didn’t even know that TCGs existed. Pocket Monsters / Pokemon really changed that.

The Japanese Pocket Monsters franchise name was changed to Pokémon in the United States due to copyright/trademark laws. There was already a media franchise in the U.S. named Monsters in My Pocket .

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