Is legislation pending requiring that a 'service' animal be identifiable? With so many people owning 'pocket dogs' and feeling that they should be able to take them everywhere, including grocery stores and restaurants, surely it is reasonable to identify an animal as one that serves a special need. Either a tag issued by the ADA or a jacket.

I am training a service dog.I have read the service animals do not id or vest. I have a vest for my dog, but one day, not feeling well, forgot the vest was not in my car. After shopping at a store the dog and I shop often, the store manager approched me(at least 12ft away) to announce animals are not permitted in the store, I told him the dog was a service animal. The manager then loudly (in a not so nice tone) announced the dog is supposed to wear ID or a vest. I informed him I has forgetten the vest and would not happen again. Should I have told him animals in service are not required id or vest?

I just purchased a Condo. In the listing it said the Association must approve Pet. My real estate agent told the association I had a Service Dog it is not a pet. They wanted to know how much does it weight he said 67 lbs. The Association said NO WAY. That if I bring her he will contact his attorney. I am still buying the condo With my Service Dog. I Just Don't Want Any Troble. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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