This article appears in the collection: Interpretare Mozart, Conveno Internationale di Studi, Milano, 19-21 Maggio 2006 , ed. by Mariateresa Dellaborra, Guido Salvetti & Claudio Toscani, Libreria Musicale Italiana, Lucca 2007, pp. 381-387. See: .

In this paper I will address questions of continuity and process building in Mozart’s string quintet K.516. I will try to show that this work, probably more than any other composition by Mozart, exemplifies the concept of an overall structure, crossing the borders between the individual movements. I will also try to show that, allowing for a metaphorical interpretation of music along the lines of Nelson Goodman’s symbol theory [1] , the G minor string quintet may be viewed as a representation of grief process as described by modern psychology.

One feature which has been recognized in almost all analyses of Mozart’s string quintet is the quite unorthodox succession of movements, shown in the table below:

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