All I can say about this item is fantastic!! The main thing with the GateKeeper 2.0 is knowing that your information is secure until you are ready to use it. I would recommend it for anyone that has trouble remembering passwords, has files that are confidential and to also keep wandering eyes away from your private information. It is like a little insurance policy on a key-chain!!

A very convenient, time saver that provides a whole new level of computer security & privacy. It is, literally, smaller than my car's key fob. In addition to the privacy factor, it is such a convenience not to have to enter & re-enter your password over & over. When you're trying to get a lot done, every second counts! I had no idea such a device existed & am so glad we found it!

I love it. No password or code needed for me to log onto my computer and it keeps others out. This thing is just too cool.My question is, why don't the big companies that are losing customer's information have something like this on their computers?

JLA: Gatekeeper Issue 2 - Read JLA: Gatekeeper Issue 2.

Jla Gatekeeper (one two and three, vol 1): Timothy Truman.

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