First and foremost, let me apologize for subjecting you to the terror of tinytown, the gremlin of Grant Ave, nanook of the north side (of Highland Park,) ie…Benjamin Drane. We’re not sure what’s exactly wrong with him – there is no known medical diagnosis, but as you can see he suffers from a syndrome all his own. Imagine living with him!!

The first order of which is “THE SPLIT SECOND” – my latest Mission in The Department of Time (and through people’s private Frozen Moments) is NOW on BOOKSTORE SHELVES!!!! If you like me or Benjamin or The Seems or cheeseburgers and fries or root beer floats, you should get “The Split Second” as soon as possible. (Note: Some people have expressed success in getting the book by locking themselves in their rooms and telling their parents they’re not coming out until The Seems: “The Split Second” is visible through the key-hole.)

If that doesn’t work, tell them you’ll settle for the new paperback version of “The Glitch in Sleep” with an all new cover. It’s cheaper.

The Seems: The Split Second: John Hulme, Michael Wexler.

Seems, The: The Split Second, The by John Hulme;Michael Wexler

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