The third collection of “Locke and Key” continues the troubles of the Locke family and their adventures in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. This volume focuses more heavily on Nina, the mother of the Locke family, than previous volumes. The evil forces determined to find the keys and do so at any cost continue to create havoc on the lives of the Locke children. In this volume focusing on the realm of shadows to try to get its plans properly executed.

As I started into this third volume of the series it was literally last night. I read the book in one sitting because I found it to be so much more interesting and enjoyable than what they did with the previous volume, which I reviewed yesterday. I found myself more enthralled into the Locke’s adventures and felt that this volume encompassed a pace that made it less vindictively evil and more rooted in the human aspect of the feelings of the family at this moment.

There are elements of this particular volume that harken back to the first volume, but there are elements that are also added that makes you interested in what is still occurring. This back and forth of aspects from all points of the series really help to keep the mystery aspect of the series alive and well. It engages the reader and makes them want to know what key the Locke family will find next and what adventures it will take them on.

Locke and Key: Crown of Shadows Review – Messy Life of.

Locke & Key, Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill

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