Last month, LinkedIn unveiled a new Trending Storylines feature aimed at turning the social network into more of a daily habit by raising the visibility of some of the most interesting conversations happening on it. Today, the company is taking another step to keep you coming back more often, by upgrading its Messaging feature.

Prior to this launch, Messaging has seen a 40% year-over-year growth in terms of engagement, the company reports, growing to over 60 million interactions each week. More than 50% of LinkedIn’s active members use the feature each week, accessing messages from the a tab at the top of the page. But if you’re browsing for a job and need to message a connection that works at a particular company, flipping over to Messaging can get pretty cumbersome.

Starting today, LinkedIn lets you send such a message right from that job listing page, or any page you happen to be on within LinkedIn. Rather than navigating to a specific location, your inbox is in a small window in the bottom right of the page, similar to a chat list on other social networks like Facebook. Click on the window, and you can have an instant conversation.

Conversations with MAJOR CRIMES - YouTube

Conversations with Major Dick Winters, by Cole C. Kingseed.

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