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  • So I love d&d; long post, but I had to show off my friend’s awesome player characters, plus my dragonborn monk Iris bringing up the pack!!! we’re Cool kids, we still need a party name though!Vyry [she/her] 4.9 feet tall. Tieflin. Chaotic Evil. Rogue.
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  • 4th Edition Statistics [ citation needed ] Origin Natural Type Humanoid Subtype Celestial , Planetouched3rd Edition Statistics [2] Size Medium Type Outsider Subtype Native Alignment
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  • Many tieflings are indistinguishable from humans. Others have small horns, pointed teeth, red eyes, a whiff of brimstone about them, or even cloven feet. No two tieflings are the same.Tieflings are sneaky, subtle, and generally conniving. They prefer to
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  • The tiefling , in the Dungeons & Dragons ... In Neverwinter Nights II, tiefling is a playable race and Neeshka, a female tiefling rogue, can join the party.Tiefling Female Death Cleric (Q24GA9U22) by mz4250 on Shapeways. Learn more before you
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  • Tieflings are a race haunted by a dark and sinister bloodline. Their devilish appearance often leads to distrust from their human neighbors, forcing many tieflings to rely on cunning and guile to survive. They tend to be excellent rogues . Their
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